The Shark Week 2011 Posters Hark Back to Another Generation

 - Aug 24, 2011
References: & mymodernmet
Although many might look at these Shark Week 2011 posters and dismiss them as part of a minimalist design fad that has taken over print work across the world, there is a relevance to this particular aesthetic choice other than simply falling in line with what is popular now. With a retro vibe, these particular poster designs reference another generation, bringing viewers' attention to just how long Shark Week has aired on the Discovery Channel.

Created by Kansas City-based graphic designer Christopher Wilson, the Shark Week 2011 posters pay tribute to the late 80s. Having first aired in 1987, Shark Week is now broadcast in over 72 countries all around the world. This impressive feat should not go unrecognized, and now it hasn't.