The 'Share' Dehumidifier Uses Ambient Moisture to Clean Floors

 - May 25, 2018
References: yankodesign
The available area for additional appliances in the home is becoming slimmer given the shrinking size of the consumer living space, so the conceptual 'Share' dehumidifier identifies what can be done to make the most of every inch.

Working to draw ambient moisture out of the air to keep a space feeling fresh, the appliance has an automatic floor cleaner built into the base that will utilize the water the upper section harvests. This eliminates the need for users to refill tanks or deal with having an empty unit to ensure it's always ready to go when the floors need to be cleaned.

The conceptual 'Share' dehumidifier is the design work of Jaemin Choi and has a demure black aesthetic that makes it simple to integrate into any living space.