These Crackers Come in a Roast Beef, Red Wine & Shallot Flavor

To celebrate the festive season in a more sophisticated way, Jacob's has debuted a Roast Beef, Red Wine and Shallot flavor for its premium Cracker Crisps. Crafted to taste just like a full Christmas dinner, the crackers are described as the perfect "thing to indulge in after a busy day."

Jacob's Cracker Crisps in the new Roast Beef, Red Wine & Shallot flavor, is a limited-edition snack created for the festive season. The crackers taste of well-seasoned roast beef, combined with the slightly sweet flavor of red wine and a subtle oniony kick. The crackers also boast a notably crunchy texture, which makes them perfect for pairing with cheeses or dips.

For consumers looking for a more refined take on seasonal flavors, these roast beef flavored crisps are the perfect option.