'Seoul, Seoul, Seoul!' Shows a Naturalistic South Korean City

 - Jul 30, 2013
References: dustyburrito.blogspot
The latest editorial for Vogue Korea, aptly titled 'Seoul, Seoul, Seoul!,' shows off an organic side of the iconic South Korean city that might otherwise be seen only by Seoul residents.

Starring several models as different Korean city dwellers, this editorial showcases everything from matrimonial ceremonies to mechanics. There is, of course, a high fashion twist on all of these shots. For instance, the mechanic is not a greasy, overalled man, but is instead a well-dressed woman, wearing a sleek, black business suit. She looks out of place in the dank and dusty garage, but this only adds to the editorial's memorability.

A second juxtaposition occurs in the shot of the newlyweds. A veiled bride stands with her suited husband in front of a Korean monument. This gigantic building dwarfs the wedded couple, making them appear much smaller than they really are. This gives the feeling that, although a wedding is the biggest day of some people's lives, there are much bigger things going on all around the world.

With this editorial, Vogue Korea has shown that editorials can used to both showcase striking fashion designs, and reveal gorgeous cities in all of their organic glory.