The 2toTango Seesaw Bench Encourages Social Interactions in Public Spaces

 - Jun 29, 2017
References: lunar & core77
The 2toTango seesaw-inspired bench was designed by 'Lunar' cofounders Jeff Smith and Gerard Furbershaw.

The designers were looking for a way to bring out the innate sense of socialization and play people have inside of them, but in a public space. Taking inspiration from a seesaw, the duo created a sophisticated bench that would look just as great in a park as it would a fine art gallery. They designed the bench to have a teetering motion but to move more slowly, as to not damage the bench or catch someone off guard. The seesaw-inspired bench will shift in relation to how two people interact on it -- for instance, if one person moves closer, the bench will shift.

The 2toTango bench is just as much a social experiment as it is beautiful to look at.