The Scumbag Brain Meme Curates Annoying Thoughts in Your Cranium

 - Nov 22, 2011
References: buzzfeed & trudybom.tumblr
The Scumbag Brain Meme accurately describes how I feel about the vital organ: it can be a scuzzball at times. After all, who hasn't found themselves in a situation where their brain can't function during the day only to be flooded with annoying thoughts at night that prevent its owners from sleeping? If that kind of inconsiderate behavior was enacted by an actual person, everyone would think he or she was a complete jerk. Honestly, no one would want to be friends with a brain.

The Scumbag Brain Meme is another image macro that's been conjured up by the brilliant minds of the Internet to relay humor related to the brain's many flawed functions. Seriously brain, how come you'll let me dream of something awesome, but wake me up before the good parts? Bah, I freaking hate you.