Schimmel Art

 - Dec 20, 2007
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It's true, the old saying, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Schimmel Art is created out of recycled junk mail, ads and flyer. While most people regard unsolicited mail as an inconvenience, this artist saw it as a free tool for self-expression.

Her ultra-modern portraits are stunning too, her talent undeniable. The artist has even created custom portraits -- could there be a better gift?

"Every little 'tile' you see was once advertising ephemera and/or junk mail," she says on her site "I recycle canvas and frames. Why throw them in a land fill when they can be recovered and reused?"

Imagine having your resources delivered to you for free, on a daily basis, turning them into art that reflects your vision of life, then selling your work to other art connoisseurs who appreciate them.

The New York born artist has beautiful life philosophies which she tries to portray through her art work.

Check out her work!