From Celeb Smudge Art to Warholesque Celeb Portraits

 - Mar 12, 2011
I think just about anyone would trip out after looking through these artistic technicolor portraits. After all, some of the most pleasant hallucinatory experiences often involves a mash-up of colors together -- a rainbow on crack, if you will.

Once upon a time, portraits were simply photographs or paintings of an individual unknown to most and personal to those who request them. Now this artistic element has expanded to an artist's rendition of various celebrities or animals -- meaning it doesn't really matter if the artist knows the subject they're depicting. These days, portraits are now injected with life through various creative interpretations involving wildly vivid colors that are inspiring, trippy, and extremely eye-catching.

If you love Andy Warhol's pop-art work due to its sublime colors, you'd be happy to know that there are artists out there who continue to paint just as vibrantly. These artistic technicolor portraits are just a few of the examples of acid-tripping artworks.