Sara Zin's Watercolor Masterpieces Depict Her Favourite Foods

" These watercolor illustrations are traditionally painted, to present the dishes I feel are noteworthy, in a unique and inspiring way", says Sara Zin when describing her indulgent food masterpieces.

Whether depicting a ramen noodle bowl, an egg-adorned grilled cheese sandwich or a warm, blueberry pie, the artist captures her favourite foods in this set of photo-realistic and charming compositions.

Using watercolor as her medium of choice, Sara Zin depicts indulgent imagery that makes anyone hungry for a taste of these delicious food items. Resembling shots from a foodie's Instagram page, these tasty art creations look almost better than the real thing.

Whether craving a stacked salami sandwich or fried chicken dumplings, these indulgent illustrations will satisfy one's hunger for great art work.