Santo de Piedra Mezcal Claims to Be the Best Tasting Mezcal in the World

'Santo de Piedra Mezcal' by 'Auga Piedra Mezcal & Co' claims to be one of the best-tasting spirits in the world.

Santo de Piedra Mezcalis made in the village of San Bartolo Yautepec, located outside of Oaxaca. This spirit is launching in the UK and Ireland for the first time. Mezcal (a spirit similar to tequila) has been gaining global popularity.

This luxurious Mezcal is said to have a "fruity aroma of peach, apricot and grapefruit." Santo de Piedra Mezcal is an agave espadin made using only ten-year-old agaves and is created in batches of 300. The result is a light and floral with citrus notes for a versatile Mezcal that tastes great straight up or in cocktails.