Photographer Sannah Kvist Explores Some Rad Living Quarters

 - Feb 28, 2012
Ever wonder what a hipster's room looks like; well, in this new photo series from the creative lens work of photographer Sannah Kvist, viewers are invited to explore such spaces and form their own opinions regarding themes of isolation and excess.

The art work, entitled 'All I Own', focuses on the living quarters of European hipsters and pairs them next to all of their belongings piled high in a corner of their room. The striking images of all of these collected possessions, presented in sharp contrast with the people who own them, seem to make comment on how one can feel alone without their material things and how, in fact, it is the purchase of these things that helps create the brand of hipster more so than the individual's identity. So if you're curious about how the hipper half lives, then you need to check out this work from Sannah Kvist.