This Environmental Art Raises Awareness with 10,000 Plastic Bottles

Looking to being awareness to people who enjoy the beach over the summer, San Luis had an idea to install an environmental art piece at Panamericana Sur -- an 'Eco-Panel' made from recycled plastic bottles, which generates light based on solar energy.

For the construction of the Eco-Panel, the height was reached using 10,000 recycled plastic bottles; equivalent to the amount of plastic that is disposed on one beach during the summer. It also has 10 solar panels that catch daylight to be used in the night. Thus, the panel will be illuminated without generating higher CO2 emissions from the use of electricity.
Note that according to the latest report by the ONG Life, PET bottles constitute 13% of the garbage that is disposed in seas, lakes and rivers; the plastic takes between 100-150 years to biodegrade.