This SAAB Blueprint Ad Makes the Garage the Programmatic Focal Point

 - Oct 6, 2011
References: draftfcb & adsoftheworld
The funny thing about this SAAB Blueprint ad is that one can easily envisage the type of person who would dream of arranging his house in such a way. The car enthusiast who washes and waxes his wheels as frequently as he himself showers would be sure to place his beloved automobile in the middle of the house.

It is quite clever how the Draft FCB advertising agency of London put this print together. The viewer can immediately detect the atypical appearance of this simple floorplan, given the obvious preference for space and placement to the oversized garage in the center of the dwelling. All other rooms were evidently designed as afterthoughts, arranged around the perimeter of the car port. To frame it neatly, this SAAB Blueprint ad asks you to "Decorate the most important room in the house" with its make of vehicle.