Running Heroes is a Loyalty Program Targeting Healthy Millennials

 - Nov 6, 2017
References: uk.runningheroes & sporteluxe
UK-based company Running Heroes is a runner-rewarding mobile app that gives users an incentive to lead an active lifestyle. Fans of running, and other fitness activities are rewarded weekly through the app’s partners, with perks ranging from coupons on high performance running shoes to discounts on their morning avocado toast meal.

Consisting of 500.000 members around the globe, Running Heroes targets Millennials seeking to get more out of their healthy lifestyle choices. In addition to staying fit, users of this platform are rewarded for their physical activity, making the loyalty app more worthwhile than most similar programs, and closely aligned with their everyday interests.

Partnering with major brands like adidas, Nike, Asics and Panera Bread, Running Heroes unlocks a multitude of custom rewards, while encouraging users to stay healthy as they save money, and earn these perks.