No1 Rosemary Water Comes in Still or Sparkling Varieties

 - Apr 4, 2019
References: rosemarywater & thegreenhead
The No1 Rosemary Water drink is a refreshment that has been created with health and wellness in mind to help consumers access the medicinal qualities of the plant in a simple way.

As the name suggests, the drink is made with pure rosemary extract that has been specially removed from the plant itself and infused into either still or sparkling water. This allows consumers to enjoy the flavorful profile of the herb along with the circulatory and memory improving benefits without having to think up new ways to infuse it into their daily diet.

The No1 Rosemary Water drink was developed by David Spencer-Percival thanks to inspiration from the Mediterranean town of Acciaroli in Italy where residents experience life longevity that has been correlated to their high daily intake of rosemary.