JetBlue's Rooftop Park is Designed to Lift Travelers' Moods

 - Jul 8, 2015
References: businessinsider
The result of a collaboration between JetBlue and architecture/design firm Gensler, this rooftop park on JFK International Airport is designed to make the airport experience less miserable and potentially even fun. Interestingly, this rooftop park will be accessible to passengers of the human as well as the canine variety.

The aim of this rooftop park is to embrace the health-conscious brand ethos and philosophy of JetBlue and give passengers the ability to take a few minutes between flights to get some fresh air and enjoy a bit of greenery.

Traveling can be tiring on both mind and body, with many people prone to getting ill after long journeys. JetBlue's rooftop park will give travelers access to fresh air, sunlight and some greenery, helping rejuvenate them for the travel ahead.