- Sep 10, 2015
These subterranean structures demonstrate that there is plenty of fun to be had below the surface of the earth. Although underground structures may seem like a relatively new idea, this kind of construction is common in many ancient civilizations. In the contemporary era, it is more than just homes that are being embedded within the earth.

In recent years, many companies have relied on subterranean architecture to give their establishment a unique look and design. These commercial buildings may lack foot traffic but they offer a unique experience that is unavailable above ground. Some of these subterranean structures include tunneled sneaker stores, submerged espresso bars and even underground museums.

Aside from commercial use, underground architecture offers a number of benefits for residential homes. Not only are these homes more private but they are often cooler and quieter than structures located above ground. Some of these unique residential homes include subterranean cliff houses, lush underground abodes and homey nuclear bunkers.

From Lush Underground Abodes to Submerged Espresso Bars: