The Lowline Underground Park is Planned For New York

 - Nov 27, 2014
References: & gizmag
The Lowline is an underground park, planned for New York, that is an interesting solution to the problem of finding space in which to build green public spaces in the midst of built-up urban behemoths. The planned park will require the renovation of a trolley terminal, which will then be sunlight using fiber optic technology.

Sunlight will be collected via reflective parabolas above ground level. These contraptions will be placed in areas that get lots of sunlight and will be able to re-align themselves to face the sun, maximizing their sunlight intake. The light will then be directed underground via fiber optic cables and reflected off reflective dishes on the ceiling. The end result is that the underground park will be bathed in natural albeit reflected sunlight.

Construction on The Lowline is slated to begin in 2017, with the park set to open the following year.