The Ronald Ventura ‘Occupying Powers' Series Explores His

 - Mar 19, 2012
References: trfineart & beautifuldecay
In his ‘Occupying Powers’ series, celebrated Philippine artist Ronald Ventura examines the effect of history upon the contemporary psyche of his country through various visual mediums. Ronald Ventura’s palette includes oil painting, sculpture, graffiti and cartoons, demonstrating just how versatile the artist is.

Spain, Japan and the United States of America have all occupied the Philippines at one point in time. The Occupying Powers series examines how these occupations have interacted with one another as well as with indigenous Philippine culture to produce a complex contemporary Philippine identity.

A word that easily comes to mind when thinking about this theme is layers. Ronald Ventura deliberately uses layering in the Occupying Powers series to tackle this admittedly complex subject. A review of the series demonstrates just how effective the artist is with this technique.