Rocket Engine Wastewater Treatment Could Yield Self-Powered Facilities

 - Aug 30, 2010   Updated: Aug 17 2011
References: greenmuze & gizmag
Rocket engine wastewater treatment plants may be able to process the nitrous oxide from sewage, produce heat and methane gas, and then use both to power the wastewater treatment facility. Self-powered wastewater treatment plants could make installations in third-world countries, where the power grid is limited, possible.

Engineers from Stanford University came up with the idea of rocket engine wastewater treatment plants and say the process could also be used to clean up nitrate-contaminated groundwater under fertilized farmland.

Implications - Brian Cantwell is the professor who has created the rocket engine wastewater treatment plants. He wanted to use nitrous oxide as an energy source that was emissions-free. This is an incredible development by a brilliant man and it could have vast implications for the environmental movement's cause.