Uniqlo's Robotic Warehouse is a Future Template for the Clothing Company

 - Oct 17, 2018
References: digitaltrends
Robots are becoming more commonplace in warehouse settings but Uniqlo recently released a video showing off its humanless warehouse. The robotic systems used by Uniqlo are on full display in this video and have allowed the clothing brand to remove 90 percent of its human employees at this location. The video also illustrates the ability of the humanless warehouse to work nonstop around the clock, with the exception of occasional maintenance work.

This specific warehouse was built in partnership with logistics company Daifuku. This warehouse is clearly the vision for Uniqlo's future as its parent company, Fast Retailing, plans to invest 100 billion yen to convert all warehouses in Japan and its 11 other locations around the world to robotic automation.

Image Credit: Uniqlo