This 3D-Printed Robotic Mask Reacts to Changes in Facial Expressions

 - Sep 11, 2017
References: instructables & techcrunch
The 'Soft Robotic Mask' is a Master thesis project from Sirou Peng, Adi Meyer and Silvia Rueda that is powered by Harvard’s Soft Robotics Toolkit.

The 3D-printed silicone mask is personally customized and mapped to one's face, so that the wearable may react to changes in one's facial expressions. As the mask includes a Myoware muscle sensor, it is able to detect patterns that are made by the face with a smile, a frown or other expressions. When the mask senses an emotion, it moves colored liquid through the masks's outer capillaries, offering an alternative way to express what one is feeling.

The instructions for making a DIY Soft Robotic Mask have been shared on Instructables and include creating a 3D scan, refining the shape of one's mask with a computer program, printing molds, casting silicone and more.