'Barbot 4' is Paired with a Headset to Automates Drink-Making

 - Mar 1, 2018
References: foodandwine
Over the years there are many robotic bartenders that have been introduced, including the Barbot, which was introduced to automate the drink-making process.

Now the Barbot 4 has been introduced, featuring an update that pairs the drink-ordering system with an EEG headset that reads one's brainwaves. As a result, the newest iteration of the hands-free drink-ordering system makes it possible for drinkers to browse the selection of drinks shown via a screen and "meditate" to make a selection. Once a desired drink has been decided upon, a user is able to speak the words "hit me" to have their drink prepared.

The headset used in the Barbot 4 is the Mindflex EEG, a hackable toy that was introduced to use the mind to control the movement of a physical ball through space. The more one concentrates, the stronger the fan blows; alternatively, relaxing the mind reduces the fan's airflow. Barbot 4 leverages the same capabilities for the drink-ordering process.