Urban Monk's 'Rising Energy' Invigorates the Mind & Body

 - Jul 30, 2018
References: urbanmonknutrition & projectnosh
Urban Monk Nutrition launched a new dietary supplement called 'Rising Energy' made with potent herbs and extracts support the mind and body. The product to enhance energy, performance and brain function is a blend of guayusa extract, L-Theanine and shilajit, as well as spirulina, leucine and schisandra berries, plus brain-boosting ginseng, maca, tulsi and rhodiola. While there are plenty of energizing products that cause undesirable side effects in the body, Rising Energy is designed to be invigorating yet a sustainable source of energy.

This new dietary supplement was created by Pedram Shojai, the founder of Urban Monk Nutrition, in recognition of the fact that people can't function optimally when they are running low on energy. Specifically, the brand notes "with Rising Energy by Urban Monk Nutrition, you no longer have to struggle with feeling drained even after getting a full night’s rest."