Lotus Foods' Rice Ramen Noodles Come in Flavors Like Masala Curry

Driven by the success of its Rice Ramen noodle product line, Lotus Foods set out to create an instant cup version for convenient on-the-go eating. While some low-cost instant noodle meals have gained a reputation for being laden with salt and filled with undesirable additives, this line was intentionally created as a healthier, more flavorful and sustainably sourced meal option.

The Lotus Foods Rice Ramen cups are offered in a range of interesting varieties that go above and beyond standard flavors like seafood, chicken or beef—with these cups, consumers will be easily able to indulge in flavors inspired by crossover Asian cuisines, such as Tom Yum, Red Miso and Masala Curry.

To make the organic brown rice noodle-based meals stand out on the shelves, Bulldog Drummond created packaging with a bold yet natural and sophisticated scheme.