The Bvoid Horror Game Focuses on Atmosphere Rather Than Jump Scares

 - Mar 20, 2018
References: indiedb & indiegames
The Bvoid horror game takes players on a disjointed and disturbing journey through dreams and features PSX-era visuals, LSD: Dream Emulator inspirations, and twisted FMV sequences. These iconic inspirations blend together beautifully in Bvoid and cement its place as an experimental psychological horror game full of dream-like environments and terrifying atmospheres.

The example in the Bvoid horror game tasks players with exploring a low-polygon space that changes right before their eyes. Players will find that hospital rooms shift to discomforting art galleries, but these changes are not always guaranteed. The game offers up a sense of randomness and will be sure to leave players questioning their entire experience.

Bvoid sticks true to its Playstation inspiration and offers up an experience similar to what the original console was capable of. There are no jump scares, with the game instead favoring a prolonged sense of dread built up as players explore. Few answers will be made to the player and the game is meant to mimic the unspoken narrative of death and dying.