Airbnb Implements a Tool to Report "Animal House"-Style Guests

 - Jun 1, 2016
References: airbnb & fastcompany
When it comes to the new model of business -- specifically social media and the sharing economy -- companies are starting to put more reporting systems into place to help regulate the processes. One of these latest reporting systems was created by Airbnb in order to better address "Animal House"-style guests.

Since renters aren't tied to the neighborhoods they are visiting, it's only natural that they might not be as respectful of it as residents would be. Through this reporting system, those actually living in the area will be able to take control once again in order to ensure their area stays safe, calm and clean. Airbnb cofounder Nathan Blecharczyk says, "Our interest isn't in just serving the guests and hosts. We need to serve the entire community. If that means we have to take action against the host, we will."