Francesca Gattello Uses Mining Waste To Make Recycled Homeware

 - Mar 13, 2014
References: dezeen
Designer Francesca Gattello made a range of recycled homeware using the waste material produced from marble mining. Gattello worked with a small Tuscan ceramic company to develop a method for re-using these waste materials.

The collections was named Calcarea based on one of the prominent elements in marble: calcium. The collections is a range of simple homeware items such as bowls, vases, cups and containers. Three vessels ranging in size were made with lids that have hand sewn feather flaps for handles. Each piece has hand-scored grooves on the rim or base; the pieces are rough on the outside polished to a shine on the inside.

About 70 percent of the mineral is wasted during the mining and polishing process. Gattello has come up with a beautifully simple way to use these otherwise wasted materials.