This Packaging is Inspired by the Ideal Ratio of Sweet and Sour

 - Jun 9, 2016
References: nongfuspring &
Dimitris Papazoglou recently came up with a unique design for 17.5°, which is a juice named after the ideal ratio of sweet and sour. Cleverly playing on the name of the product, Papazoglou created a minimalist design that helps the juice stand out from similar products.

17.5° is a new juice created by the Chinese food and beverage manufacturer 'Nongfu Spring.' In order to make the fruit juice catch the eye of consumers, Papazoglou used bold, yet simply typography that imprints and stabilizes the product's name in the mind of the consumer. The text also plays on the name of the product by highlighting the numerical value of the ideal ratio of sweet and sour. Finally, Papazoglou opted for a clear plastic material to use the juice as the natural backdrop for the product's name.

The minimalist design demonstrates how something as simple as the clever placement of text can make a product name stand out to consumers.