The 'Raspberry Shake' Measures Seismic Activity at Home

 - Aug 18, 2016
References: kickstarter & theverge
The 'Raspberry Shake' is an attachment for the 'Raspberry Pi' pocket computer that turns the versatile device into a portable, personal seismograph. By using the miniature nature of the Raspberry Pi computer, a single-board computer designed to help teach people how to code, the Raspberry Shake can help people in earthquake-prone areas be better prepared.

Beyond sensing earthquake tremors, the Raspberry Shake can be calibrated to sense any type of minute vibration. Seismic activity does not necessarily have to relate to the Earth's crust; the vibrations in a floorboard from someone walking can be detected as well. The Raspberry Shake is able to sense these types of vibrations around it, and it can easily be linked to a computer to provide a visualization of the vibrations as they hit the sensor.