The Twisted RAnCH Restaurant Adds Ranch Sauce to Every Dish on the Menu

 - Jun 29, 2015
References: consumerist & foodbeast
Ranch sauce lovers will appreciate this restaurants menu, which adds creamy ranch dip to each item it serves. 'Twisted RAnCH' has unveiled a menu that features delicious and traditional bar and grill-styled items. However, the twist to this eatery's menu is that every dish incorporates ranch sauce in some way.

Although drenching each dish with ranch might sound awesome, this restaurant is offering a different style of ranch for the more savory dishes. Twisted RAnCH adds a dry ranch mix for some of its menu items like pork chops, ravioli, meatloaf and nachos.

This condiment-praising eatery will also include 18 different dips in addition to classic ranch such as garlic, Thai, chipotle and smoked paprika.