Studio Truly Truly Crafts a Series of Lighting Systems for Rakumba

 - Feb 23, 2018
References: design-milk
Studio Truly Truly just unveiled a line of mix-and-match lighting pieces called 'Typography' for Rakumba. The Netherlands-based design studio showcased the illuminating pieces this year at IMM Cologne trade show. The very first Typography lighting collection is called 'CILON.' The CILON series is comprised of a total of seven lighting fixtures, or pieces that are connected on a thin metal rail.

Each lighting system for Rakumba can be fixated anywhere on the central part and controlled or altered individually. There is also the option to change the various rails to either horizontal or vertical placements. This allows for modular customization, encouraging creativity and visual appeal. Pendants can also be either added, removed, or altered, similar to the rails that are able to be added as spaces emerge.

Image Credit: Haydyn Cattach