The Rain Lamp Combines Electricity & Water to Create Stunning Light Effects

 - May 26, 2015
References: richardclarkson & gizmag
The Rain Lamp is a contraption that manages to bring together two elements that are usually kept as far away from each other as possible -- water and electricity. Designed by Richard Clarkson, this lamp shines a light through a reservoir at the bottom of a clear acrylic globe, resulting in the creation of gorgeous ripple patterns on the surface below.

The lamp is part of Clarkson's "harmonious contradictions" series and is inspired by the patterns that fish tanks make on the ceiling when their lighting is refracted through the water. The design of the lamp itself is minimalist -- a micro-peristaltic pump draws water up from the bottom, while droplets fall around a waterproof LED lightbulb. As the droplets hit the pool of water, ripples are created and light is refracted through the water's surface.

The Rain Lamp brings together modern technology and smart design to turn a simple household object into a visually stunning centerpiece.