The Qiyun Mountain Tree House Offers Panoramic Views

 - Apr 11, 2017
References: bengostudio & archdaily
Located in the Qiyun Mountain Scenic Area of China's Anhui Province, the Qiyun Mountain Tree House offers one of the best ways for its occupants to see the beauty of the region in all its splendor. The home consists of several stacked cubic volumes that diverge from one another at canted angles, such that each room in the Qiyun Mountain Tree House provides a unique view of the surrounding red cedar forest.

The Qiyun Mountain Tree House was designed by Bengo Studio, a Chinese firm. Standing at 11 meters tall, it matches the height of the adult red cedars around it. In terms of layout, there are seven rooms superimposed on top of one another: the entrance hall, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, the living room, and the landscape room.