Qi Hu's Origami Collection Alludes to Ancient Creatures Guarding a Gate

 - Mar 3, 2014
References: dezeen
Paris accessories designer Qi Hu has created an angular and avant-garde collection of headgears for Paris' Printemps department store. The spiky head pieces were inspired by Qi Hu's obsession over folding origami when she was growing up in China. The stunning collection features pieces folded into the shapes of Chinese mythological creatures. "Origami is our childhood game, it has affected me since I was little. I always use it as one of my main methods for my works, trying to tell Occident stories in an Oriental way," says Hu.

The headpieces stemmed from the Printemps department store's request for origami decorations for an entrance display; Hu responded with a series of headpieces that wouldn't destroy or disrupt the message of the clothing. Because the display would be the entrance to the menswear section of the store, Hu was inspired by ancient guardians and creatures guarding traditional Chinese gates.