This Infograph Showcases the Psychopathic Traits Found in Peop

The fictional character from the Psycho franchise Norman Bates showcases several psychopathic traits. In today's era of online hostility and self-gratification, psychopathic traits are becoming more prominent according to this infograhic by

There's no question that social media has changed society, but like all changes there are pros and cons. People are less likely to engage another person in real-life according to the infographic, which results in anti-social behaviors, a trait found in serial psychopaths. Individuals are now more prone in engaging in hostile situations. The infographic showcases four psychopathic traits that social media users exhibit (lying, antisocial behavior, self-obsession, and exhibiting worrying behavior).

It's important to realize that though these statistics doesn't necessarily represent the broad spectrum of social media users, it's unsettling to realize that such behaviors are being cultivated.