Psychogeographies by Dustin Yellin Take on Human Forms

 - Mar 23, 2014
References: dustinyellin & thisiscolossal
The art of collage has been taken to a new level in the art series titled Psychogeographies by Dustin Yellin, an artist born in California, raised in Colorado and based in Brooklyn, New York. Placing cutouts of magazines and acrylic paint in multiple layers of glass, he essentially creates blocks of ghostly human-shaped forms that is slightly reminiscent of Han Solo in carbonite, especially considering their stances.

Psychogeographies by Dustin Yellin is so full of color and detail, that people will be instantly mesmerized by each work. The American artist writes, "First and foremost, they’re massive see-through blocks / And that’s one way to read them, listen to them "speaking" / As massive see through blocks. / Another is to listen to what’s inside them / The forms, the clippings, the dead things, the painted things, / Frozen between the layers of glass, what I’ve called / The captured and frozen "dynamism" of culture."