Prohibition: New York City Argues New York’s Large Drink Ban

 - Sep 15, 2012
References: mountaindew & hypebeast
Mountain Dew teamed up with the New York Art Department to protest the proposed New York City large drink ban by creating the Prohibition: New York City poster.

Mayor Bloomberg proposed that soda drinks over 16oz should be banned in New York City to help battle the growing obesity epidemic in America. Many have been outraged over this attempt to curb their individual freedom. The Prohibition: New York City poster compares the proposed ban to the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s. With a vote scheduled for Thursday, this art project is aimed at bringing attention to the issue.

The posters have been placed all over New York City, and people are encouraged to take pictures and share opinions using the hashtag #dewyorkcity.

Obesity is a big problem, but I’m not sure that this large drink ban will do anything to help solve it.