This Infographic Looks into How Profitable YouTube Is

 - Jun 28, 2013
YouTube is one of the most profitable social media outlets in the world. With hundreds of comedy, beauty, parody, food, exercise and how-to videos uploaded daily, YouTube has become a money-making asset for many people and even a stable household income.

This 'The Economics of Going Viral' infographic looks into how much some of the top YouTube channels are making, the influence YouTube has and how profitable the popularity of YouTube is. For example, comedic YouTuber Jenna Marbles averages in $346,827.12 a year from the advertising on her videos alone.

YouTube is also one of the first places many viewers turn to for news coverage and the latest updates on entertainment, political and social changes. With all the eyes flooding in to tune into YouTube's content, it's only fitting that this infographic was designed like a massive money bill.