Printoptical's Printing Technology Requires No Post-Processing

 - Oct 22, 2016
References: luxexcel & 3dprinting
As it stands, most 3D printing technology requires post-processing, which involves the sanding and painting of an object after it has been manufactured. Luxexcel’s Printoptical Technology offers a way to print entirely smooth surfaces from the get-go, entirely eliminating the need for any post-processing or refining.

The technology uses droplets of ink that merge and flow before being cured with UV. As a result, this manufacturing system is ideal for the creation of transparent and completely smooth products. The quality of the products its system can create leads Luxexcel to say that its Printoptical Technology is ideal for optics design.

While additive manufacturing is extremely advantageous for creating rapid prototypes, when a refined finished product is needed, Printoptical Technology is unparalleled.