'The Clash' Editorial Highlights the Pros of a Quirky Print Clash

Print clash fashion has become the pinnacle of quirky style, having been seen everywhere from haute-couture runways to department store mannequins. Sunday Style Australia's latest editorial, 'The Clash,' highlights this popular fad, demonstrating that combining clashing prints does not necessarily compromise fashion.

The editorial stars the hippie-esque model Olivia Thronton, dressed in several ensembles featuring loud and lighthearted prints. Her most stunning outfit consists of a pair of black pants, with highlighter-yellow lines snaking across their surface, paired with a bright pink cardigan, and topped off with a red belt and a chunky black statement necklace. The blending of patterns seen in this outfit creates a laissez-faire attitude, while showcasing some cutting edge fashion that will definitely turn heads wherever the wearer goes.

With 'The Clash,' Sunday Style Australia has proven that daring to be different really does pay off.