'Who Will Be President?' is a Poll Crunching App from the NYT

 - Jul 20, 2016
References: nytimes & fastcodesign
'Who Will Be President?', a new online platform authored by the New York Times' Josh Katz, is the major publication's largest effort to take a stab at a presidential prediction in light of November's upcoming election. The platform is a sterling piece of data journalism (the new genre of journalism that attempts to present often complex big data in easily consumable ways), combining simplicity, openness and thorough research.

As the name of the platform indicates, Who Will Be President? offers a straightforward answer at the top of the page, giving a percentage answer for each of the two main candidates. For political junkies looking to dive deeper into the presidential prediction methodology, though, the platform shows a history of chances over time, state-by-state probabilities and even offers a host of forecast options based on "what-if" scenarios.

This presidential prediction service shows regular people's willingness to engage with big bata if the presentation is right.