The 'Power Parka' Hides and Charges Many Different Devices

 - Nov 18, 2016
References: fastcodesign
The 'Power Parka' is like a coat that James Bond would wear on an exploit to the Arctic Circle. The coat, designed by Amsterdam-based Thom Kool, looks like a hip winter jacket, but it actually hides a wealth of devices within it, and it even keeps that technology charged.

People who live in cities often need to carry around all sorts of devices, be it a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, a camera, or all of the above. However, stuffing all these into a backpack makes commuting a pain. The Power Parka provides a way for consumers to carry all their devices without adding a massive bulge on their backs.

The coat comes with several pockets, each for a specific device. These pockets have charging ports that connect to batteries near the armpits. Further, the coat has a reinforced inner shell that helps to redistribute the weight of the devices evenly.