Ian Davenport Creates Vibrant Art by Pouring Gloss Paint at an Angle

 - Nov 9, 2015
References: iandavenportstudio & booooooom
Artist Ian Davenport poured paint down an angled canvas to create these vibrant and highly contrasted works of art. The pieces feature endless skinny vertical stripes of multi-colors, each staying within its own track until it pools with neighboring colors at the bottom.

Using squeeze bottles and syringes, Davenport bottles the individual paints and pours them slowly and steadily down a different section of the large canvases. He filters the paint through a metal colander to get rid of any gritty bits and make it a smooth liquid.

As a whole, the poured paintings look like a colorful version of an old television screen showing static -- the dull blacks and whites turned into a whimsical pattern.