The 'Postures' Series Demonstrates How Position Emotion

 - Nov 5, 2014
References: carlkleiner & mymodernmet
Carl Kleiner's 'Postures' series is made up of floral sculptures supported by wire frames.

The Swedish conceptual photographer wanted to, as the title suggests, demonstrate emotion through posture. The position of the flower in each image conveys a certain emotion; for instance, one shot of a flower hanging upside down, its face (or, in this case, its bud) resting sadly against the table's surface, suggests a feeling of melancholy.

Though the aforementioned flower seems to be wilting, others appear to be dancing or jumping. Kleiner experimented with many different shapes, noting how each figuration imbued the flowers with a different energy, and therefore, emotion. Though the compositions are still-life, they have a sense of movement and vitality pulsing through them. The silhouettes are further dramatized by Kleiner's use of light, shadow and color.