The iLuv myPower 50L Portable Battery Charger is for Android and iOS

 - Jan 27, 2016
References: & thegadgetflow
The average consumer has a bevy of different smart devices in their ownership, so the iLuv myPower 50L is a portable battery charger designed to keep them all running.

While other products on the market are designed for either Android or iOS, the iLuv myPower 50L is compatible with both. Packed with both a microUSB and Lightning cable, the iLuv myPower 50L can be used to charge most devices with ease.

The powerful 5000 mAH battery within the iLuv myPower 50L allows it to charge smartphones multiple times over or charge other products such as tablets, e-readers and more.

Featuring fast charging technology, the iLuv myPower 50L portable battery pack optimizes itself to charge the connected device as quickly as possible to increase efficiency.