'Birthday Roar' Celebrates the 50th Porsche 911 Anniversary

To celebrate the 50th Porsche 911 anniversary, Porsche created the 'Birthday Roar.' For this tribute, Porsche uses seven editions of the Porsche 911 to represent each one of the musical scales. Individually, the cars race around to show off their individual sounds. The build up is quite intimidating, with each car racing and showing off its powerful engine.

At the end of the video, the cars come together in line and collectively, roar their engines to the tune of 'Happy Birthday.' This is a fantastic way to show off each of the seven Porsche 911 editions, as well as bring them together as a harmonious unit.

To accompany this video, Porsche created interactive games on its website that play with the sounds each car makes. These sounds will be music to the ears of Porsche fans.