Pop-Tarts' Dunkin' Donuts Tarts Come In Limited Edition Flavors

 - Dec 13, 2016
References: kelloggs & mashable
Pop-Tarts Dunkin' Donuts flavors commit to the idea of the toaster pastries being a quick and easy breakfast snack. The new Pop-Tarts flavors, which are part of an official, limited-time collaboration with massive coffee retailer Dunkin' Donuts, are designed to taste like two of Dunkin' Donuts most popular morning beverages.

The two Pop-Tarts Dunkin' Donuts flavors are 'Frosted Chocolate Mocha' and 'Frosted Vanilla Latte.' The two treats are significantly sweeter than the average coffee from Dunkin' Donuts, but the flavoring is accurate. Both of the pastries are covered with a similar, mocha and whipped cream frosting. The Chocolate Mocha pastry contains a gooey chocolate filling, and the Vanilla Latte comes with a richer and thicker coffee filling.