'Polyamorous Socks' Look Good No Matter the Combination

 - Nov 2, 2016
References: kickstarter
'Polyamorous Socks' solve one of the most persistent problems that plagues wardrobes across the world. Laundry is a closed loop -- clothes go from the hamper directly into the washing machine, straight to the drier and then back into the dresser or closet -- and yet a single sock constantly manages to find a way to escape. Polyamorous Socks eliminate lost socks not by preventing the loss, but by ensuring that all socks look good together.

The theory behind Polyamorous Socks is elegantly clever. Rather than purchasing socks in single pairs, consumers buy Polyamorous socks in bulk; the company recommends four pairs at least. But, rather than thinking of the socks as pairs, consumers should consider them as eight separate units. The socks are designed so that they can combine with one another at random, meaning that even if a single sock disappears during the laundry cycle, it will still look good with all the others.