Poetic License's Newest Liqueurs are Inspired by Decadent Treats

Poetic License recently unveiled a range of four new flavored gin liqueurs inspired by treats that are beloved by many consumers. As Poetic License's Mark Hird describes: "we wanted to create flavors we think people will love that will transport them to eating and drinking their favourite treats."

The new liqueur products include the Blackcurrant and Ginger, which is likened to a "boozy Ribena," St Clements, the soda pop-inspired Sarsaparilla, as well as aBaked Apple and Salted Caramel variety, each of which can be consumed over ice or with a tonic. As liqueurs tend to be lower in alcohol and sweeter than gin, this range specifically appeals to those with a sweet tooth.

The flavored gin liqueurs from Poetic License are packed into colorfully labeled bottles at 21% ABV.